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Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the backstory of the products they use on a daily basis. Asking questions like how was this made, is it organic, sustainable, ethically produced and local? We are reconnecting with products, especially those that we consume, and rightfully so! What we are putting into our bodies and providing to our families needs to be thoughtful. Unfortunately we are also recognizing that many of the companies we buy from are too often less than transparent about what it is we are actually consuming. Rooster and the Hen coffee company is here to be a transparent source for high quality coffees from around the world. 

 Rooster and the Hen coffee was started in 2017 by my wife Sarah and I. We are not only coffee roasters but also run a small homestead in Shallotte North Carolina. We care deeply about the well being of our many animals (chickens, ducks, goats and bees) and the quality of the food that we grow for ourselves. Our choice of lifestyle carries over into our coffee production. We are careful to select sustainably grown coffees from farmers who are fairly paid for their efforts. Coffees that are not only delicious but also chemical free and safe to consume. Many of our coffees carry the name of the farmers who produced them because we believe that every great coffee begins with a great farmer. Farmers who are concerned with the land they farm and the coffees they are growing.

We hope you enjoy our coffees as much as we do and thank you for choosing to do business with our family!


~Sonny Moy 
Owner of The Rooster and The Hen Coffee Company